The name Full Circle refers to a closed loop system where things are constantly recycled. It is inspired by our passion for compost. Food scraps, yard trimmings and all organic matter will break down into rich, living compost. The compost can then be used to improve the soil and grow plant material that someday will return to the earth again. This natural cycle inspires an ecologically minded approach to gardening.

We do not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides. We do occasionally use organic sprays. Overall, we work to build healthy, living soil to support a diverse array of plant life. We encourage mostly low water use plants that are well suited to the climate of Southern California, thriving in our hot, dry weather. We especially love plants that are not only attractive but provide additional benefits such as providing wildlife habitat or bearing delicious fruit.


Lora Hall is the proprietress of Full Circle Gardening. Lora grew up with a wild, lush yard in the heart of L.A. where she first discovered a passion for getting her hands dirty. She loves to prune, plant and weed. After several years of working on the Fruit Tree Program at the non-profit TreePeople, Lora decided to put her knowledge of fruit trees to work. Fruit trees and home orchard care are now a specialty at Full Circle Gardening. Lora has a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and an M.S from Cal Poly Pomona. She lives in Silverlake, where she composts, raises chickens and runs a small backyard nursery.